2016 Southeast Region PDT Evaluation Form

Evaluation Form

Nashville AGA Chapter

2016 Southeast Region PDT

March 29 - 30, 2016

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  The learning objective(s) of the session was clearly stated. Course materials were valuable and contributed to meeting the learning objective(s). Course content was relevant to my professional responsibilities The instructor’s presentation was well organized and effective in meeting the learning objective(s). Time allocation(s) was appropriate for the topic Instructional aids (charts, diagrams, slides, handouts, etc.) were used effectively.
The Data Act (Ebberts)
Compliance and Operational Risk Management Using Data Analytics (multiple)
Accounting & Auditing Updates (Boaz & Durham)
A Leader's Responsibility in Creating an Engaging Culture (Holliday)
Fraud Detection & Prevention (Hester)
Ethical Dilemmas (Berman)
Direct Engagements and Green Book Implementation (Holbrook)
Leadership (Haston)
Uniform Grant Guidance (Boaz & Durham)
Auditor / Auditee Relations (Arnette)
If applicable, were prerequisites appropriate?

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